A day of unplugged worm fishing on the Chattahoochie

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If anybody thinks that anglers come out on the water just to be lazy and avoid responsibility, then all I can say is they don’t know much about fishing. There is the beauty of the paradise we live in and the Chattahoochie River is a picturesque ever-flowing vein teaming with the blood of life.  She is wide and bendy. Spending a day on the mighty Chattahoochie unplugged, with nothing but a paddle and a worm is as raw and earthy as you can get. Being out in mother nature feeds the soul.

Without the sound of a big bass boat engine you can actually feel and hear the gentle clapping of the “Hooch”  as if the water herself is wrapping her arms around you and cradling you into serenity. You can’t get more unpluged than this.  There is a language beyond sound.   The sounds of the waterbird community nestled in the tree branches and on the river’s edges synchopate the rythym of the water.  Gallons of ancient water sometimes rushing and sometimes slow and thick, tainted with a secret undercurrent.  You must respect the mighty Chattahoochie, she is a strong maiden, merciless and mercifull.


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