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FLW 2012 Forrest Wood Cup coming to Lake Lanier in August

Professional Bass anglers and co-anglers from all over the United States will gather in Duluth/Gainesville, Georgia for the chance to fish to win $500,000 a the Forrest Wood Cup Experience tournament fishing at it’s finest, August 9-12, 2012.   The co-angler first prize will be $50,000.  This event is free to the fans of FLW and their families, so make your plans for this great time out.

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Captain of Her Crew Commercial Fishing wife navigates the lifestyle book launch

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Never a dull moment in the life of a woman in love with a man who loves fishing, and especially the life of a woman married to a commercial fisherman, who is also married to fishing long months at sea.  Jen Karuza Schile tells the poignant, yet riveting tale of her family’s commercial fishing lifestyle in her new E-book also released in paperback by Amazon.com, Captain of Her Crew: The Commercial Fishing Mom’s Guide to Navigating Life at Home.

Glen Emerald family sunfishing is a good time

ImageNow is the time to take the family sunfishing in Glen Emerald Park in Dekalb County, that is why they call the ever popular sunfish a sunfish.  Glen Emerald is a perfect free place to go fishing and take home a stringer the entire family will be proud of.  Check out the shallow coves and the northeast end of the lake to when looking for a honey hole to bank fish from.

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Zebra mussels the boat epidemic no one is talking about

Besides the cooling intakes system on a boat water treatment plants are also damaged by the microscopic invasive free-swimming larvae of the zebra mussel.  Fortunately Georgia has not been invaded by the zebra mussel but we must work at it to keep it that way.    The zebra mussels cling to water pipes and clogs them.  The invasive mussel likes a cool water way and high humidity.  An invasion of this mussel has even reduced water supplies during drought.

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The best defense against zebra mussels is heat and salt

Zebra mussels can live for a time of days out of the water.The larvae can survive in wet, cool places like your cooling system, trailer frame, bait wells and bilges, where they can easily be transported unknowingly by anything that retains moisture and has been in infested waters.  Larvae attache themselves to the inside of an engine (seacock, strainer, hoses) or any of the other spaces and develop into mussels in just three weeks.

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